Expand Your Perception About Your Potential (Excerpt – Chapter 7)

Many of us have a limited view of how much we can change or enhance the quality of our lives through achieving a greater level of emotional health and happiness.
For example, statements such as the following illustrate this point;
‘I’ve had this problem for years, I guess I can’t expect too much.’
‘This is just the way I am.’
‘It’s too late and I’m too old to change.’
‘I’ve always been a very sensitive person.’
‘I should just be happy with the results that I have achieved.’
‘Other people would benefit from all this ‘good stuff’, but not me.’

These are all expressions of conditioned beliefs about how much we can expect of ourselves, how much we can influence outcomes and whether we even deserve anything better or healthier.
Try to recognize that the centre of control is NOT outside of ourselves.
It’s true that there may be some situations that we can’t change, or that are very challenging. However ultimately, the power to create and maintain balance is within us.
The person who is going to become happier, more peaceful, more content, more assertive, more emotionally free and flexible is YOU.
Notice whether at this stage of reading the Feel Good Now program, you are in any way placing unnecessary limits on your potential outcomes.
If you’re not, then that’s great. If you are, then that’s okay too.
Just be aware of it. It’s a learned pattern from somewhere.

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Audio Sample FGN Ch.7

You have unlimited potential to create positive change in your emotional health and to be the way that you want to be. It’s true! Make this your perception and go for it!

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