Living with extreme anxiety is not conducive to optimum health on any level. It makes it much more difficult to feel good about ourself, achieve positive outcomes in our life and enjoy peace of mind.
Anxiety is a chronic problem in the western world and many people assume it is an inevitable part of modern living.

While stress is often a reality in our everyday lives, the amount of stress we experience and the degree of impact it has on our bodies and minds, is usually related to how we choose to manage potentially stressful situations.

Some level of stress in our lives is often necessary for us to function at an optimal level when achieving goals.There are times when we need a powerful stress response to prepare our body and mind for action. For example, when danger is present.

Anxiety can be experienced in various ways. Some examples include the following;
muscle tension, sweating, rapid breathing, shortness of breath, restlessness, feeling nauseous, or experiencing headaches, difficulty concentrating and intense emotional reactions.
When people have been anxious or tense for a long period of time, they are often unaware of how tense or anxious they have become. Being anxious has become a normal state for them. Having a high level of background anxiety is not helpful because it then doesn’t take much to trigger an intense stress reaction.

Check out your own reactions to anxiety

Where do you feel anxiety in your body? How does it feel?
When you are stressed, what happens to your thoughts and feelings?
What external events can lead to an increase in anxiety levels for you?

Including relaxation techniques, meditation, EFT, mindfulness, gentle exercise or yoga as part of our lifestyle, can help reduce anxiety levels and improve our ability to manage stressful situations.

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