We can all go through periods of being a bit sad or down at times, but usually manage to re-balance ourselves and continue to function effectively.

When people are depressed they may experience different kinds of symptoms, but commonly they feel sad, tired, have low energy levels and don’t feel good about themselves. Their sleeping and eating patterns can be disrupted and their mood can be variable. Their emotional responses can be out of character.
When people are depressed they may also avoid social contact and other activities that they would normally enjoy.

When symptoms such as the above persist for more than two weeks, the condition is known as depression. Depression can be mild, moderate or severe.
People with depression, (particularly severe depression), can often benefit from an assessment by their doctor or appropriate mental health professional.

In severe depression there can be thoughts of self harm or suicide. Anyone in this category needs urgent medical and psychological help and support.

When treating depression it is important to explore management of current symptoms, as well as to identify and work through the issues related to the causes. Counselling from a mental health professional can be very helpful.

If you have been diagnosed with depression and you have any concerns about whether EFT or any other strategies are suitable for you, please consult your GP, mental health professional or contact us, before using EFT or any other self help techniques.


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