EFT Testimonials

 EFT and Weight Gain

I had discussed with Maggie the uncontrollable urge to eat any biscuits that were left in an opened packet. I thought it was something to do with my OCD and things needed to be ‘tidy’. I have a problem with my weight and felt that this bingeing on biscuits, though not totally to blame was at least part of the problem.

Maggie did a tapping session with me in relation to this problem and though sceptical, I thought it could do no harm to give it a try. I did not notice any sudden or immediate sense of control when faced with an opened packet of biscuits but over a week or so things seemed to be changing. I was able to stop myself from putting the first biscuit in my mouth and then I noticed that I was going a day or two without eating any biscuits. It wasn’t long before I was gaining more confidence in relation to control in the eating department. I seemed to be able to generally cut down on the amount of food I was putting in my mouth each day. I just seemed to have a degree of common sense in relation to food and a sensible voice in my head was able to reason with my hand/mouth movement. I even tried a biscuit one day and thought afterwards ‘what was the point of that, it didn’t taste anything fantastic.’

The results have been great with the bathroom scales showing a loss of 7kg so far and I’m feeling confident that I can continue. The tapping seems to have put a sense of control into my brain so that I now make reasonable decisions about the amount of food I actually need, not the amount I want.

EFT – Depression and Self-esteem

It is less than 5 months since I was introduced  to the “Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)” and the results have taken me by surprise.
Although cynical at the outset I realized I had nothing to lose by embracing this simple method of tapping.
♦ No medication required
♦ No negative side effects
♦ No dredging up blame scenarios
♦ Ten minutes a day application
and here I am looking back going “wow”.

How is it that now there is no blame, my eyes are opening to the world around me, I can say “I like myself”, and incredibly, I don’t feel the deep sense of hopelessness, and thoughts of my impending mortality have all but dissolved.
When things feel a bit stressful the procedure of tapping simply allows me to put a wedge between me and the issue so I can manage it more rationally than emotionally. Previously difficult issues would just add weight to the existing overburden that was squashing the life out of me and I would easily slip into an outburst of anger. I had no reserve.

The EFT method was very easy to adopt. It separated me from the overburden of a life of self‐hate and anger. The Tapping seems to set up an interference pattern allowing me to break from the old ways, it gives me new strength by reinforcing self‐acceptance.
I highly recommend “EFT” to all because it has outperformed other methods I have tried.  I will continue to embrace it as part of my personal mental health plan.

Thank you John for helping me get my life back.

EFT and Anxiety While Driving

This is my experience of the positive effects of EFT or ‘tapping’ in helping me deal with anxiety whilst driving. I had been prone to panic attacks many years ago but in recent months noticed them returning. They were not severe or regular but nevertheless they were starting to occur when I found myself in a stressful situation. This was usually related to being at traffic lights and being unable to escape as the lights were red.

Maggie did a session of tapping with me, particularly in relation to the panic, with instructions about next time I found myself with the old familiar creeping, tingling sensation climbing up my neck and my stomach going into knots, to start tapping.
I did not have to put any great effort into the sequence etc just tap.
Inevitably the lights were red, the creeping started and I just tapped, in this instance on my eyebrow, under my cheekbone, top lip, bottom lip and hey presto, the relief was amazing.

I could not believe it, the sensation of calm that washed over me was wonderful. The tingling in my neck disappeared, the knots in my stomach relaxed and I just felt wonderful. The knots in my stomach and the general tension I was feeling just seemed to slide down my body and out my feet leaving a great feeling of calm. When the lights turned green I was able to continue on and I did so with a smile on my face.

EFT and Anxiety, Guilt, Anger and Low Self-esteem

I have benefited considerably from EFT and appreciate the gentle, natural and positive rapid responses gained. Having lived with numerous emotional problems, some dating back decades, I have been pleasantly surprised at how much EFT has assisted me in overcoming emotional difficulties. These have included anxiety, guilt, anger and low self-esteem. Thank you Maggie for your professional assistance which is appreciated very much.

EFT Creates a New Stress- free, Anxiety- free and Fear-free Me

EFT has changed my life over the last few months since I have been having counselling with Maggie Wilson. It has enabled the chatter in my head to cease and this has created a new stress free, anxiety free and fear free me that is now finally really happy and enjoying my life for the first time in a very long time. It has taught me to separate the emotion from the issue and confront it head on. This is a very simple process but it is so emotionally powerful it is liberating. I couldn’t believe the fear that I was living with and the lack of power I had over my own life. After two sessions of EFT I have taken back my power and am living my life my way. This form of therapy has given me so much confidence and desire to do and be the best I can. I have tried other forms of therapy and have never found something so successful for me, it has changed my life. My friends and family are also noticing the positive change that has occurred in my life and they are really pleased that I no longer struggle with so many demons. I will forever be grateful for being introduced to EFT and will continue to use this technique to keep me grounded and on this amazing path of life and happiness.


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