Stress Management

Being able to effectively manage stress in our life and relax our body and mind, are fundamentals to being happy and healthy. They can help us to avoid becoming burnt out by the experiences of life.
Stress isn’t always bad. For example when we are very focused on a task, we may be partially stressed to facilitate optimum performance. After the task has been completed, the body and mind can return to a more balanced state. However if the stress becomes too intense or is operating for too long, this optimum level of performance can be compromised.

Stress that is created by our thoughts and feelings, worries, fears or trauma, and which can include stress related to work, finances, physical health, self-esteem, relationship or family issues, can lead to considerable anxiety.

In many cases, stress is created by our learned responses to situations and the meaning we attach to these situations. Often these responses are automatic, as is the resultant stress in the mind and body. Many people don’t know how to relax. They spend their days in varying degrees of tension, often without knowing it. This state can negatively affect physical health, stress the mind and compromise performance. However the process can be reversed with increased awareness and using appropriate techniques to bring about positive change.

Do you recognize your own signs and symptoms of stress build up?

Where do you feel tension in your body?
Are you aware of what situations or which people can trigger a stress response for you?
Do you know how to relax the body and calm the mind?
Are your thinking patterns generally constructive?
Is your emotional health in balance?
Are you getting positive results in your personal life?
Are you involved in positive relationships?
Do you generally feel good about yourself?

The answers to these questions will have a bearing on how you respond to stress in everyday life and the degree of anxiety that you experience.

 Relaxation techniques, meditation, EFT, yoga, constructive rational thinking and relaxed recreation can help in managing stress and anxiety and create balance in your life.

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